• Causeview Overview


    Nonprofits are continually asked to do more, with less. The technology required to break through this barrier has either been unaffordable or inadequate – until now.

    Built on top of the Salesforce platform, Causeview connects your organization with all of your constituents, and integrates them into one system. All of our apps live on the cloud, so you can break free from administrative overload and build new relationships, anytime and anywhere.


  • Causeview Events

    Your event in the palm of your hand

    There are so many touch points associated with the entire event process. Event attendees, volunteers, internal staff and vendors all need to be on the same page.

    Introducing Causeview Events, the mobile application for end-to-end event management. You can now execute your event on the go and build new relationships, without the stress and frustration of manual processing.

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  • Causeview

    Causeview is more than just software.

    It’s a platform providing nonprofits with end–to–end automation of all their fundraising, event and volunteer management needs. It’s simple, affordable technology that brings all of your constituents together.

    Causeview makes it easy to nurture meaningful relationships, drive engagement and focus on what matters most — advancing your cause.

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  • Attn: Common Ground® Users! We are here to help

    With Blackbaud’s retirement of Common Ground®, our team is devoted to providing a seamless transition to Causeview. Common Ground®  and Causeview are both built on the Salesforce platform, ensuring data integrity and security throughout the process.

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    Freeing Nonprofits from Administrative Overload

    Focus your resources on what matters most – advancing your cause.

Events form memorable impressions amongst constituents. Meet your event goals by successfully bringing together strategy, logistics and constituents in Causeview.


Hitting the right audience, articulating its mission, then properly determining the budget and the ticket prices, requires strategic focus as part of the event planning process.

When constituents don’t understand your event’s value, your cause doesn’t receive the support it deserves . Your event needs an outside-the-box approach to inviting constituents, and your marketing campaign must hit all platforms – websites, social media, email and print.

Manual check-in processes create bottlenecks, cause confusion over hard-copy lists and leave guests frustrated.


Causeview plans, promotes and executes a complete event experience. Causeview supports your campaign strategy with built-in event planning framework.

Causeview integrates your strategic, logistical and constituent outreach activities. The software creates a logical progression of communication from invitation to registration, with email invitations directing to ActionPages.

Causeview provides guest check-in and manages their information in real-time with the Causeview Events mobile application. 

Causeview Events

Your donors want to give anywhere, anytime. Causeview provides a complete solution, making it easy for your donors to make a difference. 


Building a website is expensive and time-consuming, and integrating the payment systems is challenging.

Managing recurring gifts and pledges is cumbersome. It can be an administrative hassle, and your revenue can dry up quickly when credit cards expire.

Strategic planning needs insightful reports. However, collecting meaningful data and creating the reports is demanding. Creating these reports are jobs for specialists.


Causeview makes it easy for anybody to create an online donation page with a fully integrated payment processing system.

Causeview automatically manages your recurring gifts and reminds you when upcoming pledges are due.

Causeview knows that getting the most out of your reporting means that anybody should be able to do it, and the information should be available at all times. Causeview generates reports wherever and whenever you need.

Causeview Fundraising

Volunteers support your campaigns and represent your cause. Causeview helps you recognize their commitment and inspire involvement. 


Advancing your cause requires building organizational strength, attracting visible advocates, and ensuring that all members have a passion for your organization.

Getting credible internal feedback is not always possible with staff and consultants.

Nonprofits struggle with large demands and limited helping hands. Projects get put aside, tasks accumulate and high-value activities get less attention.


Causeview supports your volunteers by encouraging opportunities down their path of involvement.

Causeview solicits feedback from volunteers – harnessing their experience, insights and passion for future improvements. 

Causeview inspires volunteers to take ownership of their involvement, seek out volunteer opportunities and commit to helping projects get completed. Causeview automatically schedules year-round engagement to attract participation when needed.

Causeview Volunteers

Causeview featured clients

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Breakeven Inc. have created a sterling rapport with each of our team members and made the development process and what would have been painstaking work, easy and enjoyable. They have taken the time to understand our area of the non-profit space and desire to organize our community from a digital context, and have provided us the tools to carry out our job more effectively and efficiently.

David Goodman

Manager of Social Innovation 

UJA Federation's Community Connect