4 strategies for engaging your school’s alumni on LinkedIn

Staying in frequent communication with your school’s alumni is key to converting them to advancement donors. Even more, knowing the best places and the right time to engage them can make all the difference.

We recently looked at the social media channels that various advancement audiences used most. We noted that your best bet for reaching alumni is on LinkedIn, where 33% of those ages 30-49 are active and 50% hold a higher education degree.

With that in mind, here are four effective ways you can engage with your alumni on LinkedIn:

Actively post once per day

Most social media experts say that the best practice for posting on LinkedIn is once per day. Doing this every weekday within a month, they suggest, should allow you to reach 60% of your followers.

For best results, you will want to vary the types of content you post. You can share reminders about student life, updates to big campus projects, personal stories about students and professors, and of course, occasional appeals for donations.

Aim to obtain updated contact information

LinkedIn is a great place to reach your alumni, but it has its limitations, too. For example, while you can reach much of your audience at once, it is hard to deliver the personalized and segmented messaging that is often effective in raising donations.

That’s why maintaining updated contact information is so important. Some of the content you share on LinkedIn should push your followers to forms where they will be asked to share updated email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses. You can do this directly by sharing a message to ask alumni to help you stay in touch, or as part of a form they would need to fill out for another reason, like a survey or download form.

Use LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn is a free tool, but using its paid advertising features can help you reach more advancement success.

LinkedIn offers two forms of paid advertising. You can pay to promote the updates you share, helping it be more visible to the audience you want to see it, even if they don’t directly follow your institution. These messages will show up in a user’s news feed, so that they may not even notice it is an advertisement.

You can also advertise on LinkedIn’s right-side. While these messages will certainly standout as paid promotions, they don’t have to originate as organizational updates. That means, you can create as many as you need to segment and target different groups.

Connect and personally message at the right time

The best messaging is personal, and with enough time and effort, LinkedIn gives you the tools to do that too.

Your advancement team can add alumni has connections on LinkedIn and then be prepared to engage with them one-on-one. You’ll see their career progress in your news feed, including promotions, corporate moves and career changes. This creates great opportunities to reach out, congratulate them, provide resources to assist, and remind them about ways they can give back to their school.

Now that you know the basics of using LinkedIn for advancement, download our 10 free LinkedIn message templates and start stewarding your alumni right away!

Download Alumni Engagement Templates for LinkedIn

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