How Causeview helps this nonprofit organization increase fundraising revenues by 40% in just 18 months

About Catholic Services of Acadiana

Since 1973, Catholic Services of Acadiana has worked to reduce poverty and hunger in Lafayette, Louisiana. Each year, they provide over 150,000 meals and offer safe shelter to 600 men, women, children and veterans. Their re-housing program has helped 475 individuals out of homelessness, and works closely with each case to ensure ongoing income, furniture and food needs are met.

catholic services

Where They Were

Catholic Services of Acadiana believed that they were attracting donors and volunteers well, but struggled to analyze and improve their relationships. They were tracking supporter information in an old, custom-built database, but it was not scalable as their needs grew. They could only access it from their office, and getting needed information into and out of it was always a serious challenge.


All of this meant that Catholic Services of Acadiana could only keep doing what they had been. They followed the same strategies they believed worked in the past, but were missing valuable opportunities to understand their constituents and grow their support.

Where They Are Now

18-months later, Causeview has meant a ton for Catholic Services of Acadiana, the team that supports it, and the mission they work so hard to achieve. Their fundraising totals have skyrocketed by 40% due to a number of tangible changes:

  • Advanced donor management tools on the powerful Salesforce platform.

  • Ability to track, manage and improve volunteer operations.

  • Donor and volunteer profiles that are always connected.

  • Tools to manage applicant skills, available, shifts, communications and open roles.

  • Can search for volunteers with matching skills and availability, and contact them directly.


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