Do You Have the Right Volunteers on the Bus for Your Capital Campaign?

Kent E. Dove, in his book “Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign”, says that “the success or failure of most campaigns is ultimately attributable to volunteers.”

Volunteer recruitment should only take place after you have created a meaningful volunteer recruitment package. And you want to make sure that you are matching the skills and interests of prospective volunteers with the roles and responsibilities that you need to fill for a successful capital campaign.

Do your homework before you start recruiting. This is not an event committee that is going to meet over a 6 month period. A capital campaign can have a long duration and ensuring that you recruit the right people, who are qualified and enthusiastic about your organization, will ultimately ensure your success.

Volunteer Recruitment Package Checklist

As you create your volunteer recruitment package, you will want to consider the following:

  • ‚ Campaign position descriptions
  • ‚ Campaign timeline
  • ‚ Campaign organizational chart
  • ‚ Organization marketing materials

The average size of a campaign cabinet is between 7-10 volunteers. The staff must be able to work well with all volunteers, as these relationships can be very intimate and last a long period of time. The staff should be involved in prospecting cabinet volunteers.

Choosing a Committee Chair

The committee chair of your capital campaign needs to have certain skills and qualities to realize goals and engage donors.

In many ways, the volunteer recruitment process is not unlike hiring professional employees. You have job expectations and you should have those in mind as you meet with candidates. A Chair need to demonstrate all the qualities listed below – it is not enough to assume they have these qualities based on their profession or reputation. The checklist below may prove helpful:

  • ‚ Leader
  • ‚ Motivator
  • ‚ Inspirational
  • ‚ Influential
  • ‚ Affluent
  • ‚ Public speaking skills
  • ‚ Time management skills
  • ‚ Strategist
  • ‚ Cabinet committee experience
  • ‚ Dynamic personality
  • ‚ Well known and respected in community
  • ‚ Team player
  • ‚ Committed to organization

What other qualities would you add to the list?

Committee Members Checklist

Similarly, your committee should be comprised of individuals who round out your professional team’s skill set to create a dynamic and engaging force to drive the capital campaign going forward.

Often, members of your community will refer to the committee member list to see who is involved in your capital campaign efforts. They are your ambassadors – they will fuel your fundraising and marketing efforts; they set the tone. With that in mind, you should seek out members who are:

  • ‚ Motivating
  • ‚ Influential and well connected
  • ‚ Affluent
  • ‚ Committed to your organization

Your Turn

What process have you undertaken to recruit committee members for your capital campaign? What qualities are you seeking in a Chair? How to you measure if a Chair has good chemisty?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below, and don’t forget to forward this post to your networks if you found it helpful.