Exciting fundraising features in Causeview’s next release

Coming March 15th, we’re upgrading Causeview to include a host of new and improved fundraising features for your nonprofit!

In every Causeview release, we take efforts to add functionality that helps your organization’s growth through revenue and supporter relationships, simplicity of daily tasks and operations, and trust in your CRM data.

Here are some of the highlights in this upcoming release:


  • Your nonprofit relies on data and insights to consistently improve performance. To provide the most complete reporting experience possible, Causeview’s Master Transaction and Master Event report types have been improved. You can now select any Transaction or Event field in Causeview to compile the perfect report for your needs.


  • We’re giving you more control and customization over your online donation and event registration Actionpages! A full style editor has been added to the key Description field. You can now set text sizes, types (italic, bold, underlined, colors & more), adjust spacing and formatting, and embed multimedia. This will help ensure that you can convey your organization or event information as clearly as possible.


  • We have continued to improve Recurring Gift processes and features in this release. On the Recurring Gift Management interface, you can now search for funds with just the Fund Name and can select a gift end-date. Plus, when a Recurring Gift is re-activated, Causeview will now check to see if there is an existing Transaction record for the current year. If not, a Transaction record will be automatically created and all recurring payments for the current year will become mapped to it.


  • With a team of full-time employees, consultants, interns and volunteers, we know how important data control can be to your organization. Causeview administrators can now easily apply a Read-Only Permission Set for a user, preventing their ability to make any changes to records.



Interested in seeing how new features like these help make donor management simple? Request a Causeview demo!


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