The A-B-C-Ds of landing a fundraising event sponsor

There are always businesses that want to sponsor your fundraising event. Sometimes, they simply have a passion for the cause and want to support it. Often, though, their decision to sponsor is based on business factors that make it worthwhile for them.

In this article, we’re focusing on four things companies like these seek when they sponsor a nonprofit campaign:


For a business to have interest in sponsoring a fundraising event or campaign, they will typically want it to reach the same audience they are targeting. Other opportunities may offer big exposure, but it is of little value to them if it doesn’t include their potential customers.

When identifying the right sponsors, start by matching your expected demographics with theirs. The breakdown of men and women, age groups, and hometowns of your participants will be central to the decision for any prospective sponsor.


By connecting with your campaign, companies can impact their brand image. There is a clear benefit to supporting most nonprofit initiatives, but the nature of the event can lead to a bigger effect when both fit well together.

For example, sports and fitness businesses typically like to sponsor run, walk or ride fundraising events. These events connect with health-minded individuals and others who are having fun being active. Similarly, clothing brands or high-end stores are typically thrilled to associate with galas.


Even if the campaign is a great match with a business, costs will play a factor in their decision. Since each company has different budget availability, the best way to land your sponsors is to offer choices.

With different sponsorship levels, you can increase the odds that a business will find a fit for them. There are a few ways to go about this. You can offer sponsorship packages that correspond with the exposure brands will get, like a Platinum, Gold, and Silver Sponsorship levels. In other cases, you can offer a menu of options of prospective sponsors, where they can choose as many activities as they wish. You can also offer businesses a chance to sponsor in-kind, through products or services they donate to the event.


Regardless of which sponsorship level they select, any business will want to be sure that their brand is clearly on display. You should have a clear plan for this before you start approaching businesses.

While most sponsorships will include prominent display of company logos, there is always more you can offer. At events, you can give space for tables and booths to showcase products or advertisements. You can also have your event hosts thank sponsors and give a small pitch for their products or services.

Of course, the more creative your sponsorship activations are, the more enticing it will be for the business, and the more engaging it can be for your attendees.

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