Struggling to recruit volunteers? Try these three tactics

Your organization’s events, programs and seasonal tasks often require on passionate volunteers. But like any initiative that relies on the sacrifices of others, there can be challenges. At one time or another, most organizations will have trouble recruiting enough support for their needs.

Whether it’s a major event that requires dozens of volunteers or an ongoing role that could use steady assistance, these three tactics can help your recruitment efforts:

Improve your role titles

While most of your volunteers are driven by their interest in your cause, the experience they gain is another benefit. Often, they will showcase the role on their professional resume.

For this reason, it can be helpful to offer volunteer positions with specific and notable titles. For example, you can add a functional area to each position’s title, such as “Marketing Volunteer” or “Finance Volunteer”, and refer to those with others reporting to them as “Team Leaders.”

Let other volunteers help you recruit

Don’t hesitate to ask your existing volunteers to promote opportunities through their networks. Typically, they will know others with similar skills and passions, making them a very reliable recruitment resource. Their friends may also just be happy to take on an activity alongside them.

To add some extra incentives, you can gamify this request by offering a small prize or token of appreciation to the volunteer who can recruit the most.

Make use of tracked volunteer skills

Your best volunteers are often those who have helped before. A complete volunteer management tool – like nonprofit organizations get with Causeview! – will make it simple to track skills so that you can always find the perfect help.

Targeting specific supporters for volunteer roles based on their skills and interests can be very effective. Rather than recruiting through mass emails, this allows you to send a personal email or call directly to request help.

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